Advice that got me halfway


Having spent a year at 40, halfway-ish through a human lifespan (given a myriad of other variables, I realise), and now finding myself already in June again it occurred to me on a game drive in the Cederberg last weekend that it’s only through good fortune, and great advice that I’ve gotten this far.

So here, in no particular order, is some of the advice garnered from many lovely people, and from the vast wilderness of the interwebs, that has gotten me half-way…

1. Sunshine is an undervalued miracle, enjoy it every day you can.



2. Kiss the person you love every morning, and tell them why every evening. Say what you need to say.



3. It’s hard to remember the wind. Decide if you need to or not.



4. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle, be kinder than necessary.




5. A truly deep, real connection with one other human being can change everything. Allow it when it is offered to you. You will never regret it, or waiting for it.



6. Everyone has bad days. Don’t hold them against others, or yourself



7. You are so very fragile, it’s actually hard to fathom. So is everyone else.



8. You are also more resilient than you think, so throw yourself at every day with abandon.



9. Always be able to look after yourself, and then look after others.



10. When in doubt ask yourself: do I want more of this, or less of this? It’s as easy and as difficult as that.


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