How to Write a Book

Step 1: Change everything in your life within a year, leave no stone un-turned.

Step 2: Make new friends in the publishing industry who say crazy things like “You know, I’ve read a lot of books about ad agencies, but none about the other side of the table….” (ahem, Izak).

Step 3: Decide that instead of getting a Masters you will write the book. This also applies to a blog – as in, this is my excuse for the sudden, unexplained disappearance of these blogs a few years back!

Step 4:  Join the most amazing writing group in the world started by the same friend who then hand-picks the best group of wordy geniuses you could ever hope to meet and share an evening a month with them for much feedback, wine and raucous laughter (which also results in said group being dubbed “Die Laggende Vroue” by the ever-patient partner of said friend). Die Laggended Vroue did have some very special male members too, they embraced their feminine admirably. [Die Laggende Vroue: The Laughing Ladies // Alternately: The very loud ladies in the lounge!]

Step 4: Spend six years (or so) writing the book (while also starting your own consultancy because who doesn’t like a challenge?).

Step 5: Let a select few (two) special souls know when you finish and then ignore the manuscript for at least a year.

Step 6: Rely on said friend to extract the manuscript from your petrified fingers, have it vetted, get the most brilliant editor/poet/writer/amazing person to edit it, re-jig the entire thing in a few weeks, have it proof-read and checked and dressed and voila! A book has appeared as if by magic!

Step 7: Use decades of marketing experience to create fun PR kits which are approved of by Jerry the Cat, send out and pour a glass or two of wine.  It’s a wild ride this book thing!

In SA you can buy it online here or most book shops:

Corporation Games C/F

And internationally it’s on Amazon in Kindle version!

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