Humans of Cape Town

Angus Begg, producer, writer, photographer and maker of humans_of_cape_town on Instagram asked me why I wrote Corporation Games: “I spent over a decade in the world of big food corporations in Sandton and eventually just couldn’t reconcile what I believe is right with the decisions I saw being made everyday by those at the top of these large companies that make so many of the products we eat and use.

I left but couldn’t ignore it all. I felt I really wanted to help consumers understand the links between the boardrooms and news headlines and their everyday struggles – I think that often as consumers we don’t see the bigger picture and as a society we don’t hold those making the big money at the top of companies responsible for the real, serious harm they cause our people.

I want us to expect more from companies, and so I wrote the book to help people see what is going on around them, and start to demand more humanity and fairness from companies rather than just being the small cog at the end of the line that drives the whole profit machine ever forwards”


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