Jan 31 2017

Brand-stands in troubled times


In troubled times like these many of us are asking ourselves where we stand and what we should do about it, and the same should be true for brands. But brands are commercial or social vehicles and so these questions are, I think, even more fraught.

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Aug 30 2016

TV Bar and the failings of financial institutions

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.21.38 PMAt a very swish lunch in the Constantia valley recently, the barefoot man was being taunted by tales of some delicious sauce and eventually proclaimed, hands over eyes, “stop, stop!” which immediately set one of our fine dining companions – the very smart lady who foodies (rightfully) fear – off on a recitation as follows:

“…imagine that it was raining crispy delicious crunchy rice and toasted coconut..”

“Stop! Stop!”

“…imagine a river of milk falling into a chocolate whirlpool…”

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Jun 25 2016

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

It’s Saturday 25th June 2016, a post-Brexit world, and it’s all pretty scary.

But what infuriates me most is that this:

Brexit 1

“…obviously the facts are coming in now…” – An Exit voter saying she would change her mind the morning after the vote.

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Jun 29 2014

On 40 – part 2: What to expect when you’re expecting people…


Having thrown, survived and really enjoyed my party for this decade, it occurred tome that there are several more things that are quite like advertising when it comes to hosting a party, so here is part 2 with some gratuitous party photos kindly taken by good friends while I swanned around!

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Jun 14 2014

On 40 – part 1: Why advertising is like planning a party.


The invitation – typed on my mom’s old college typewriter with it’s italic font. No Bruce, it’s not just an app!

I’ve been thinking about messaging a lot lately, partly because I’m helping several clients craft brand messages and adverts at the moment, but also because I’m planning a party. Bear with me, it’s not quite as random as it sounds!

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