About this Blog

Having gone rogue in June 2009, I discovered that one of the downsides of no longer being in corporate blue-chip FMCG marketing is that I also no longer had a wonderful team of brand managers on whom to inflict my random thoughts, so I resorted to this blog.

Originally I thought that i’d probably be talking mostly about what is out there in the world of brands, but as it’s turned out I seem to be writing a lot more about what I find out there in life and what happens in here as a result. But I do also talk about brands – it’s all interwoven and part and parcel of life as I live it, I guess.

So welcome to my perspective on my life, the wonderful and fascinating things I stumble across, and the stuff it makes me think about.

It’s a strange and lovely ride, thank-you for joining me.

(With credit for that last line to Marc Cohn’s lyrics in “Dig Down Deep”)