On 40 – part 2: What to expect when you’re expecting people…


Having thrown, survived and really enjoyed my party for this decade, it occurred tome that there are several more things that are quite like advertising when it comes to hosting a party, so here is part 2 with some gratuitous party photos kindly taken by good friends while I swanned around!


1. It’s all about who attends, or, in ad lingo, targeting. If it’s wrong, you’re wasting your money and no-one will enjoy it no matter how expensive it was. Make sure you know who really matters, it’s the most critical thing.

2. Anything can happen! It could be happy and chilled, people who roll their eyes at poetry could love it. It could be all quiet, it could go viral. Some things you can plan, some evolve and some just arrive unannounced and make waves you never saw coming. Sit back and enjoy the ride, because by the time people are arriving there’s not much else you can do.

3. Evaluation: You may never feel 100% sure whether it worked or not, did people enjoy the party? Were they bored? Did they leave happier than they came? Unless it was an obvious flop, and if you did the work upfront, you need to do two things – believe you’ve done more good than not, and really listen to what everyone say so you can do even better the next time.


Other than that, make sure you have a good photographer or two to call on when you forget to take any photos at all, and enjoy every second of it – it goes by so quickly you may need to check on social media to figure out what actually happened!

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